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Watertown Department of Public Works
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Storm Water Management
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Watertown DPW constructs and maintains the Town’s stormwater system. The stormwater system helps direct water off of the roads during a storm.

Did you know?
  • There are over 30 stormwater outfalls to the Charles River in Watertown. These outfalls discharge stormwater directly into the river.
  • There are almost 3,200 catch basins in Watertown. Catch basins collect stormwater from our roads and adjacent properties.
  • There are over 55 miles of pipe in Watertown’s drainage system, ranging from 6-inches in diameter to 6-feet! These pipes convey stormwater from our catch basins to the stormwater outfalls.
  • Unlike some other nearby communities, Watertown has separate sewer and drain systems. The drain pipes do not go to Deer Island to be treated like sewer pipes do.

On September 10, 2015, the Town Engineer participated in a multi-community forum titled “Water Trouble” about stormwater issues.  Click the link below to watch the forum.

Please visit the Town of Watertown's Stormwater Advisory Committee webpage for additional information:

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