2020 Sewer Improvements

2020 Project Overview Map

The Town of Watertown is undertaking a sanitary sewer improvement project in the 2020. 

The work includes installation of approximately 16,000 feet of cured-in-place (CIP) sewer pipe.  This is commonly known as sewer lining. This process allows the contractor to reconstruct certain sections of badly deteriorated sewer “in place” rather than the traditional disruptive method of excavating and replacing the existing pipes.  Instead of digging up and replacing the old sewer pipes, the sewer lining process provides for the insertion of a special lining inside the pipe, creating a new smooth-surfaced, long-lasting pipe within the old sewer. 

As part of the sewer lining process, a flexible liner is then placed into the existing sewer. Heated water or steam is forced into the liner, causing it to be pushed tightly against the walls of the existing sewer pipe. The heat from the steam or heated water causes the liner material to harden (cure), thus creating a new pipe inside the existing sewer walls.

The sewer lining process restores the integrity of the pipe and also reduces the amount of infiltration into the Town’s sewer system.  

In some areas, preparatory work, involving spot repairs of the sewer system requiring excavation of the sewer pipes, are also required.

Replacement of the sewer and drain pipes on Robbins Road Extension is also included in the project.  These pipes on were deteriorated and not suitable for lining and will be replaced by traditional excavation methods instead.