Wetland Permit Applications & Documents

Conservation Commission Wetland Permit Applications & Documents

Obtaining wetland permit (Notice of Intent or Request of Determination of Applicability) 

Why do I need to obtain a wetland permit? Under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (310 CMR 10) and the Watertown Wetlands Ordinance, you are required to get a permit if you dredge, fill, or alter the land in any way within the 150-foot buffer zone, or within 200 feet of any perennial (year-round) stream.

To file for a wetland permit:

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Relevant Projects


  • Administering the State's Wetlands Protection Act (GL Ch 131 §40)
  • Administering and Enforcing the Watertown Wetlands Ordinance (eCode360) for the Administration of the Watertown Wetlands Ordinance, Adopted October 2010
  • Protecting the City's natural resources
  • Reviewing plans for activities, including new development and redevelopment, that may affect our wetlands
  • Imposing conditions to ensure that those activities do not cause erosion or pollution that would harm the waters or wetlands
  • Seeking opportunities to increase and improve open space in the City
  • Managing open spaces (PDF) under its jurisdiction
  • Encouraging good management of the parklands along the Charles River
  • Participating in developing a new open space plan for Watertown every seven years
  • Submitting to the City Manager, each year prior to December 31st, a recommended plan for maintenance and educational activities for Whitney Hill Park.
  • Writing the Whitney Hill Annual Report

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Mayors' Monarch Pledge

City Manager, George Proakis, signed the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge on March 30, 2023!

The City pledges to do action items that focus on to support and expand monarch conservation city wide!

The City already has been doing some action items in 2022 and for 2023, this will be expanded to do more such as communicating about monarch conservation, opportunities to do some community focused programs and demonstrations, and encourage changes in reducing pesticide use.

Come join and be part of the larger conservation efforts for pollinator species! For any questions/comments, you can contact Katie Swan at kswan@watertown-ma.gov.