Watertown's Official Song

Our Town

by Linda Picceri and Gail Dorey

The Town Council adopted 'Our Town' as the official song of the Town of Watertown in 2008. This is a song that I composed with my colleague and friend, Gail Dorey, who is a lifelong Watertown resident.
-Linda Picceri


I grew up in a town where life was simple and folks were bound
To welcome you no matter where you'd go
Just an ordinary place, everybody knew your face
And stopped to take the time to say hello
Somewhere inside the past I learned a love for the ties that last
In the friendship and the memories of the people that I knew
In Our Town

Small town girls and small town boys with city dreams and city toys
And families working hard to make ends meet
That's how it is today, things have changed since yesterday
But that home town feeling lives on in the streets
What does it mean to be a part of a community,
To share a common value and a pride for who we are
In Our Town

For almost twenty years, I hit the road for my career
Didn't know if I could come back to my town
Did I stay away too long, could I still belong?
Could I make it there a second time around?
Going home is hard to do when life has taken it all from you
But I found a new direction and an old familiar faith
In Our Town