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Who do I contact regarding a dead animal?

Contact us at 617-972-6420. If the animal is in the street, the City will remove it; if the animal is on private property, the City will remove it if the animal is bagged and placed at the curb.

Who do I contact to report street light, crosswalk signal & traffic signal outages?

Please complete a service request on our website; https://www.watertown-ma.gov/582/Report-It.

Who do I contact to report missing or damaged street signs?

Please report issues on the SeeClickFix website

Who do I contact to report power outages?

Contact Eversource at 1-800-592-2000, use the Eversource mobile app or visit Eversource.com, or text “OUT” to 23129.

Who do I contact if I smell gas?

Contact National Grid at 1-800-233-5325.

How do I report an emergency outside of working hours?

Call 617-972-6420.

What is the right-of-way?

The right to cross land is known as “right of way”. This right can be on any land. If the right is granted to everyone, it is a “public right of way”. In general, the right-of-way extends from back-of-sidewalk to back-of-sidewalk, including the roadway, planting strip, and sidewalk.

Where are my property lines? Is there an easement on my property?

You can fill out a plan request and we will assemble any plans we have available. These maps will give you an approximate idea of the location of property lines, easements, underground utilities, etc. If you want the exact locations identified, you will need to hire a private surveyor.

My neighbor is dumping water on my property from their downspouts, sump pump, etc. What should I do?

Each property owner is responsible to maintain drainage paths on their individual property according to the overall drainage pattern for the area. Additionally, a property owner is not to create a drainage concern for a neighboring property. When a dispute arises between property owners, it needs to be settled among the parties involved, as the properties in question are privately owned.

Can you provide me with a plot plan of my property?

We do not have plot plans on record at DPW. We recommend searching at the Registry of Deeds

Where can I Find a listing of ongoing Capital Projects within the City?

Please see a list of all ongoing/upcoming capital projects on the Department of Public Work’s website; https://www.watertowndpw.org/998/Current-Projects     

What is a Planting Strip?

Please read this Watertown Planting Strip Guide.

How can I “Adopt an Island”?

City of Watertown “Adopt an Island” Program provides opportunities for companies, civic groups, institutions, and individuals to adopt a traffic island or other designated public spaces and create attractive, welcoming “oases” throughout the City. By adopting an island, the sponsor commits to maintaining the landscaping of the designated areas by having services performed including but not limited to trash pickup, grass cutting, weeding and providing approved plantings.


Please report issues on the SeeClickFix website or download the Watertown App and report via “Report Issues with the + button” on your smartphone.